Tint Removal Tools

The easiest, fastest, and possibly the cheapest tools to remove tint & stickers from car windows are all in www.TintingTool.com online store.

The Tint Was Peeling Down
01.08.2018 17:37

Now customer service aside, you're also getting high quality products backed by a lifetime warranty. They are pricey, but any place can tint your car for $70-$80 but there's no way that tint job will be professional nor will those tints be very reliable. I'll definitely be recommending this place to all my friends and family.I got my windows tinted  in 2008 and I noticed the tint was peeling down you can hear it when you would close the window. So I took them in since supposedly it was life time warranty. As soon as I got that they said no they were going to charge me and I end up paying for it after long discussion don't go here warranty is Tint Tools Kits.I came by auto car window film tinting tools late in the afternoon and was able to get my tints done the same day. Ariel was extremely helpful and answered all my questions without skipping a beat. He also personally made sure things were done correctly and professionally. Hugo did an awesome job on the tints and was also very nice and helpful. I have not had such great service in a long time. Great job guys!! Excellent service! You will not be disappointed. True professionals.Can't say enough about this place. I don't normally write reviews but this place commanded one. My cousin and I recently purchased two Window Tinting Blades new Accord EXL Coupes and a fine tint job was first on the list. 


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