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How To Spot a Bad Tint Job
22.06.2018 17:27

Nothing ruins the aesthetic of an otherwise gorgeous car like a shoddy tint job without tinting tools like paint protection film installers. Worse still is trying to see through that ruinously bad streak of bubbles between the window and the translucent purplish film that once qualified as tint. As you can see above, my old Mustang suffered from this embarrassing affliction.


After years of going without tint, watching temperatures in my car soar past 130 degrees this summer was a solid reminder of how crucial it can be. I had literally forgotten what it was like to drive in the summer and not sweat, so I went to the tinting pros at 3M to have my car done. I had a few chats with them about what separates a quality tint job from a bad one. Whether you're checking out a used car or having yours tinted for the first time, here's what you should know. 


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